Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Long Time…

I am still looking at getting a new host for the site/blog. More news as that develops… which seems to be on hold right now, actually.

Speaking of things “new” related to websites — the folks at the Design Eye corner did a really bang up job for Dirk Knemeyer’s website (as seen at SXSW). Whether Mr. Knemeyer will actually adopt the new design is anyone’s guess, but I think it is spot on and he would be well served to implement it. I think what is most beneficial from the redesign, is the chance to look at how it came about. These aren't just good tips, they are great principles to consider when designing a website. Perhaps I should redesign my site, yet again. Who knows.

SPeCks has 3 pages “scripted”, though only two are penciled and none are actually built. I am thinking I will finish the scripting for the rest of Issue 3 before physically creating the pages. I have also got some great feedback on the FFXI mini-cartoon. So keep an eye out for the possibility of more of those. They will replace the existing cartoon in the Lab as they update. Not sure how I will archive those. Anyone got any ideas for what I should call this series? Post them in the Comments, please.

Ultimately, I have a lot of irons in the fire and I need to start managing them. Obviously, the one labeled “Web/Art Manager” is taking the highest priority, but I am working on keeping work at work, thereby allowing me to do more of this hobby stuff.

Until then, that’s a screen test of the Valkurm Dunes (sans palm tree).

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Showy Advertising

A show that me and my wife like to watch on occasion is Boston Legal. There are two pivotal characters in the show: Alan Shore (played by James Spader) and Denny Crane (played by William Shatner). I think James Spader is awesome in this show. Remember Steff (Spader) from "Pretty in Pink"? Ya, Shore is Steff all grown up. It’s great.

Now, Crane… Denny Crane. This guy knows how to sell himself. If you’ve watched the show, you know what I’m talking about. Every time the man walks down a court hallway and reporters are all around asking questions, his only response is his name. Denny Crane. Denny Crane. Denny Crane. Hell, he has even used it in the middle of a trial. “What’s my name?” “A little louder.” “Once more with feeling.” “Denny Crane.” Half his business is based off that name alone. Even if the guy sucked at being a trial lawyer (which he has never lost a trial case, so he does something right), at least you know his name. And forget about commercials. The guy doesn’t need any. His name is all over the news just about every case. Denny Crane. Whether he is the one saying it or not. In the courtroom, outside the courtroom, wherever, this man’s name is being played.

I think I am going to start taking up this form of advertising. Terry Tolleson. I’ll just end every sentence with it. “Welcome to Schlotzkey’s! What can I get you today?” “I'd like the #2 with jalapeño chips please. Terry Tolleson.” You know, so they know who’s name to call out when the order is ready. Terry Tolleson.

Friday, March 18, 2005

SXSW Blues

So, Monday, I got to attend SXSW. When I say “attend”, I mean, “I got to be in the same building for one portion of a very large event and didn’t get to sit in on any of the panels or see any of the cool people I wanted to see, but I did get some cool buttons to add to my bag."

Basically, I got a free iF pass. This pass is something anyone can get and lets you into the Trade Show portion of the event. For one day. Just the Trade Show. Ok… first of all, the Trade Show is not SXSW. Who gives a crap. Sure, I got a few neat buttons for my bag, and got to learn about a DV camera that was so out of my league (and industry) that I could actually feel the time slipping, but when all was said and done, it was boring and uneventful.

Ultimately, it made me wish I had just bought the tickets for the actual event and taken some vacation to actually attend the panels. I wanted to meet Cameron Moll (and the design panel I definitely wanted to see). I wanted to see Jeffrey Zeldman. I would have certainly loved to visit with Jason Santa Maria and learn about all the Easter Eggs in Virtual Stan. People I read about on a daily basis. But no, all I got was a free demo on how accessible my website was. I could have taken a picture of Al Franken as he was signing books, but there was no "film" in my digital camera. At least JSM had a camera and took some shots of SXSW peeps I so desperately want to meet.

However, despite all that, it was my first time to go and I did have a decent time. I was let down because I could only mill about the Trade Show portion, but it was nice to just be there. If only I had hung out on the Panel side to catch a glimpse of a famed designer…

Elsewhere: there is a decided lack of good, funny content to show you folks. Sorry.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Fleurons of Hope

Ok, I am not sure when, exactly, the Font Aid III Tsunami font was finalized, but it is actually done and available for purchase. Fleurons of Hope can be purchased via MyFonts or when you buy the Tsunami Edition of Building Letters.

As you might recall, I made a submission and you can see what character (and the method of producing the fleuron) my calla lily fleuron is under.

I'm not really complaining — the cause for the font is extraordinary — but I sorta thought there would be some form of selection process, or at least a bit of hierarchy on the characters assigned to the images. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. To access my lily, you have to create the capital letter U with an accent mark – Ú …not exactly on the home row, is it. There are several fleurons that are very well done that also suffer this obscure character assignment. Which is why the assignment for the letter m (or g for that matter) kinda bothers me. Are these so much better than mine or, say, this – mathematical operator: complement – that they get the common character assignment, while our’s get some rarely used, seldom seen character on the map? And what the hell is this?!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Station Break

This post is long overdue. I must let everyone know about my personal life. My wife and I met while in high school. We have been together for almost 13 years – and married for 7. Nothing is perfect, but we learn from out mistakes. I believe that we are the closest to perfection that is possible – yet everyday somehow is even better than the last. I adore this woman. She is the only one I see. From her cute little toes, past her belly holding our child, to her loving heart – she is my soul-mate. It kills me to think that I ever hurt this woman. I take each day as a gift to show her the affection and passion that she deserves. Nothing in the world matters when I am close to her. And when we are apart, I long for simply hearing her voice. She is intelligent, caring, strong, passionate, and silly. She has to ability to handle stressful situations as well as let herself laugh to the point of tears when needed. She is an enigma with her strength and child like qualities. She is sexy and does not understand why men are drawn to her. Her smile is amazing. There is something about it that makes you want more. When she interacts with children, it is easy to see that she is going to be an amazing mother. Every morning that I awake next to her makes me feel wonderful. I want everyone to know how much I love Missy, and how happy I am.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Preposterous Patent Prosecution

So Advanced Audio Devices LLC is suing Apple Computer because the iPod infringes on their copyright, granted in July of 2003. Despite the fact that the iPod was released for mass consumption in 2002(?), AAD considers Patent No. 6,587,403 (Music jukebox) as being infringed by Apple. I could be wrong, but it doesn't look like Peter J. Keller was working for AAD when he submitted this patent. Wouldn’t that mean AAD could be sued for a similar patent? Can you patent a square? I stumbled on this news item on a Spymac thread. Good stuff.

This last weekend was fantastic. Had some friends over and got to play “pseudo-daddy” with their kiddos. I am ever so ready. I almost can't wait the 97 days, but I will. The next step is to get that darn room ready for our bundle of joy. Painting (possible illustration/mural), moving furniture, adding furniture, etc. I like frogs. Dragonflies and ladybugs are likely to make an appearance. I smell the sweet scent of grass at the edge of a pond… Throughout the whole weekend, one thing made it the best. My wife singing “Ice Cream” to me on the couch.

Weebl and Bob are starting to lose it. But it’s still good… right?