Wednesday, July 18, 2007

for abby

my 10 year old kitty, the sister of allie, a forever kitten, passed away today. the mouse entered the bedroom earlier this evening to find her at the foot of the bed.

she never grew up. she played like a kitten every day. she made you smile the instant she walked into a room. she had the most beautiful purr. she was incredibly soft. she was my baby kitten and she kept her promise to always be a kitten.

i ran this evening. a day later than my normal schedule. i ran for abby. she would have still beat me; chortling the whole way.

i am jealous of your serenity

Friday, July 06, 2007

i am jealous

trying a new thing i began last friday. it started out as a joke/compliment to a thread made in a forum i frequent quite a lot. specifically to an announcement by daniel davis that he had released his new book, klawberry. he’s a talented fellow and self publishes his work. i do wish i had the patience and talent to pull such a thing off, but i simply don’t right now. so as a way to say “congrats!” and show my “inspiration,” i posted, “i am jealous of your talent”.

this made me give a little chuckle at the absurdity of the statement on a forum. i wondered if there was any way to make this seem even more absurd. what followed was a posting spree of “i am jealous of your…” comments where i was “jealous” of some facet of the thread posted in. there were some 25 posts on that single forum made in the span of about 20 minutes. i then moved to the threads on iconbuffet and did the same thing. it was received with the appropriate amount of humor i thought it would garner. luckily, no one got offended at the mass postings.

then it hit me: i should totally make a blog about this. not just a post about it, but a whole damn blog. a way to post daily news (i find interesting) but with a very small slant. a slant of jealousy. thus, iamjealous was born. i’ve since done a post a day on that blog (due to its incredible simple premise for content) and am considering an actual branding to go along with it.