Wednesday, June 13, 2007

mentalism drunk

so mr. kersey is making another go of his online project: scoab. in so doing, he’s asked me to also get specks back up and running. admittedly, i have been sorely lacking on the motivation needed to do any side projects; specks included. but this is my year of design (or so i’ve tried to tell myself). i am doing more things design related outside of work and specks should actually be on the top of that list.

for those who are unfamiliar with specks, please direct your browsers to the first issue. there you will be introduced to bob and patrick – the heroes of the show. neither of them are really hero material, but i use the term figuratively. anyway, based on how much of a task it was to put together those issues, i might have to change the format of the comic. as of yet, i have no idea what that means. i can say that i will be trying to post some specks related thing once a week (if your lucky, more often, ya).

to prove i’m serious…

“mentalism” – shpongle (nothing lasts… but nothing is lost)
“drink to get drunk” – sia (momentum vol. 1)