Saturday, May 29, 2004

Yet Another SPeCks

I have finished Page 5 for Issue02.

This weekend is going to be ridiculous. First, let me apologize as there is no conceivable way for me to finish Page 6, let alone begin work on Issue03. I am leaving for Dallas today (Saturday). For a wedding. I am the best man. I have no means of actually producing any of the scripts for SPeCks because of this. I over-promised and am going to under-deliver. At least I am aware of this and am informing you now. I suppose I was hoping to at least get all of Page 5 and 6 done Friday night, but it is 3AM now and I am beat.

At any rate, I hope you are enjoying the comic so far. I have a group list for emailing the updates to SPeCks. It is purely comprised of really close people. If, for some reason, there are people that I don't know reading this and would like to be included in the email updates, send me your addy (via the Comments) and I’ll see about adding your name to the list.

I get back on Tuesday and get to attend a shwank part-ay at the Bauer House. It is a reception hosted by the Chancellor basically saying “Thanks for not screwing up the annual symposium”.

Friday, May 28, 2004

SPeCks Update

I have updated SPeCks with Page 4 of Issue02. I managed to find some time to do this page, so my weekend won't be as ridiculous. Now only three pages to create, instead of four. Ya, I dodged a bullet there, didn't I?

My Five-A-Days are also doing well (the original post concerning this can be found here). I admit that I have to create another three to meet my daily goal, but I don't want them all to be trash, so I give myself the whole day to work it out. The "Where's My Pickle" desktop (found here) is one of the Five-A-Day illustrations. There is some really interesting (read: silly) stuff in my head. The next desktop will concern our pickle loving friend and his lost pickle dilemma.

I have decided to partake in the AIR Texas competition, as a sort of design liason (I think) for our IT peeps here at UT System. These guys went to the accessibility conference and came back having entered into this contest. They gave me a call to see if I was interested in participating and I said, "Sure." So now... we'll see where that goes.

It's Friday. Be thankful you got this much out of me.


My apologies for the lack of posting yesterday. Oddly enough I was fidgiting with this blogger for a good portion of my free time yesterday, but never bothered to post about it. But I suppose that 5.5 hour meeting yesterday just took it out of me. It wasn't a bad meeting, just long. I think we made some form of progress. To what end, I am not sure of though.

As you no doubt have already noticed, there is a READINGS and LISTENING section to the right now. The readings are book(s) I am currently attempting to read. I say attempting because I often times find myself with a lack of time to actually read, let alone free-time in general. Currently up for my intellectual stimulation circuit is The Time Traveler's Wife. I have seen this book during every trip to the bookstore (commonly Barnes&Noble). It is like it kept jumping in my field of vision, all on its own. Then (sometime last week) a friend of mine said, "Hey, you should check this book out, it looks interesting." That was the final straw. The book was now coming out of the bookstore itself to intice me. So, I bought it that day. Does this mean I bought it solely because my friend said I should check it out? No. Get over yourself Budi. HAHA. I just named you on this site, sucka. I guess that is better than saying you were responsible for my purchase of the book.

Next, is the LISTENING section. There is this kewl open-source project going on called AudioScrobbler. It is neat. Basically, it is a music database that compiles the music you listen to on your computer's MP3 player (whatever that might be). As I am a Mac user (that's right folks, I am enlightened) I use iTunes. You Windows users can have iTunes too. Go ahead. Join the good-guys. Leave the Dark Side and the trappings of hate, fear and tyranny. Soon you, too, will convert totally to the forces of good and the righteous. Er... did I just say all that out loud? Hell ya I did. Anywho - AudioScrobbler is pulling the music data (as it is played) and sends it to my database on the web of music I listen to. By clicking on "Check out", you should be able to see what is currently playing on my machine. Notice there is no Country.

Next up is a SPeCks updater/status bar/thingy to show the progress of the next page of SPeCks. This will not supercede my efforts to actually finish a page. I will create the pages first before I bother futzing with some kind of progress meter.

The corn... the poor poor corn: what?

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I Live In Texas

As stated earlier, meetings are taking up quite a bit of my schedule. Not that it is a bad thing, but most of them have seemed rather irrelevant to my position, thus my need to be there is very much a mystery to me.

Today, however, was quite different. I participated in a meeting involving my office and Texas Monthly. No, you may not know the details of that meeting. Yes, I felt like it was relevant for me to be there.

Now, I have interviewed (and been turned down) thrice at Texas Monthly. I feel compelled to interject here and point out who/what Texas Monthly is for those of you who for some inexplicable reason do not know this fine publication. It is a magazine. A large magazine. Texas sized, if you will (readership of 2.5 mil). It goes without saying that publication design is something all designers would like to get their mitts on at one point or another in their career. Working on a magazine, or a book, is an awesome opportunity. Personally, I have yet to work for any company producing publications for which I was a part. Texas Monthly is one of those publications we designers would love to work on. Not just for the design aspect, either. For the people who work there are inspirational and influential. Some of the people that have worked for Texas Monthly in the past are some of the biggest names in publications. I once had the opportunity to meet with DJ Stout (the award-winning Art Director from '87-99) over lunch with Marc English, my boss at the time. Today, the Art Director is Scott Dadich. But the man that started it all back in '73 (I believe) is Michael Levy. I met that man today. And shook his hand. You want to know Texas? Shake this man's hand.


Holy crap, I am sleepy.

I need to work out a better schedule. I am still working on the one I had in college. Clearly, that is not working. Getting to bed consistently at 1 AM and then waking up at 7 AM is catching up with me.

As many of you may, or may not, know, this is my new method of posting updates about... me. So far, it is pretty freakin' easy. I really need to go in and tweak the template code, but other than that, it is serving my needs marvelously. I modified the main navigation on my site to include a link to this blog so everyone can read all about it without having to memorize yet another website address. I will clean up the blog code to not open a new window when accessing my site from this blog as getting back to it is very easy.

I am a Web/Art Manager. Apparently, with that title comes meetings. Gobs and gobs of meetings. What is a gob anyway? Anywho, I have lots of these meetings. They proliferate my calendar like a bad case of fleas. Now, don't mistake me, I am not complaining about my job. I love my job. It is awesome. It is great. But the meetings... Who needs this many meetings. About nothing. Well, nothing that really benefits me, anyway. I feel like I am participating in a Seinfeld episode everyday. Tomorrow, I go to another all-dayer. When I say all-day, I mean from 10-3. 5 hours of meeting. Today - only 2 hours.

In other news: Gum

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Main Site Updated

I have updated my main site with a link to this blog (and vice versa).

I will try to update this blog to look a little more like my site. Oddly enough, as a web designer, I know very little about how this works. I just haven't wanted to do a blog to this degree. Well, rest assured, I plan on gettin' of me arse and doing this up right. At least I don't have to update 2 pages on my site now. That was just tedious.

Here's something interesting to keep you occupied: Clows


Blogger Help : What is BlogThis! ?

Ok, just testing out this rather interesting feature...

Not sure if it is worth it, but as I am a huge visitor of sites like Recoil, this blogger might serve another purpose of posting bizarre links that I run across.

Right off the top of my head: kudos for being a free service. If I wasn't poor, I would pay for the upgraded service.

First Blog

This is my first blog. I have been trying to figure out how to blog for a while. While, I knew that existed, I suppose I never had the desire to actually blog.

To be fair, I have a psuedo-blog running on my own website ( Unfortunately, it is old-fashioned html and has no searchability, archiving or any other features other than me updating the index page, for which it resides.

I will see what the benefits are to having a true blog. Perhaps in the future, my site will have one for real.