Thursday, April 13, 2006

BeSPeCkeled Adium

It has been a long time since I posted last. Almost forgetting I have a blog seemed like a possibility there. Though I haven't blogged in months, I will not torture you with a small novel.

Onto that novel…
Item 1: The game DarkGalaxy is a joke and, by far, the worst browser-based, turn-style game out there today. Keeping it short: Poor game mechanics and horrible "customer service" make this game deplorable. The creator both plays and cheats. Well, he may not be actually cheating, which would mean he is just dumber than a post. Both options aren't exactly kudos.

Item 2: I am returning to FFXI to be a Puppetmaster. What a fun time for FFXI. Starting April 18th.

Item 3: I downloaded Adium two days ago. I tried this All-In-One IM client some 5 years ago and it just didn't do it for me. Today, however, it does it for everyone! This program is phenomenal and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to streamline their IM needs. There are even talks of incorporating IRC (via Colloquy, I think) which would just blow my socks clean off and across the ocean to slap some unwitting European in the face.

If Adium wasn't bad ass enough alone, it certainly kicks ass (ala Chuck Norris style) because of all the Xtras. Want a custom set of status icons? Download it or better yet, make them yourself! There are literally thousands of these Xtras to choose from. I found GiR to my liking as my Dock Icon, initially. Then I thought to myself, “How hard could it be to make my own?” Answer: Not at all. So I took the time and created my own Dock Icon for Adium. I bring you SPeCks DI! So far, I am averaging around 5 downloads an hour of this dock icon set. I will likely work up some other characters for a DI set and will also make a menubar set and status icons for the contact list. What I really would like to tackle is a set of emoticons for SPeCks. That would be killer!

All of the above means, of course, that I have introduced a form of “credible threat” for myself regarding the comic. As everyone who downloads/views the DI (or any other Xtra I might create) would be introduced to SPeCks and would likely click to the website to view the comic. So, I guess this means I need to actually start back on that...