Wednesday, February 21, 2007

space angel

iconfactory is one of the kewlest icon sites around, pwning just about anyone on mac interface design. they have icons, desktops and even software available for your consumption. i was overjoyed to finally get a copy of iconbuilder and i dare say i haven't disliked a software package coming from their ingenius workers. enter frenzic – the first game from iconfactory and artis software.
“a frenetic journey that will heighten your reflexes and get your pulse pounding. Minutes to learn and months to master, Frenzic is an all new puzzle-based game for Mac OS X.”
ladies and gents – this game is addictive. this game is visually awesome (just look at the icon). this is a game born and bred for os x and it shows. and starting at $14.95 (with some hella-kewl features at $24.95), my wallet is likely to open.


“space shanty” :: leftfield
“angel” :: sarah mcLachlan