Monday, January 29, 2007

herculean angel

wow... 4 stories i haven’t posted the links to. man, i suck at blogging. used to, i would blog every day. sometimes twice a day. just to throw something new up. either i’ve become very boring or blogging isn’t as exciting as the multitude of other websites i visit in a day. like the daily monster.

Monster 70
Monster 71
Monster 72
Monster 73

uhm, that’s it for tonight. i’m going with i’m boring. i have to get up early in the morning to do some video work.

ps: noticed ‘story’ is getting a tag workout over in the cloud there… blah. will see what i can do about posting some actual design stuff next time.

pss: ‘herculean’ by the good, the bad and the queen. 2.5 stars.
‘angel’ by massive attack. 4 stars.
sweet crap, i love the title to this post and the content totally failed to deliver. what a waste.

Friday, January 26, 2007

battle soul

what does that title mean? well, i decided to play a little experiment. at the beginning of generating this post, i selected to randomly shuffle through a personal smart playlist in itunes (songs with 3+ stars, limited to 60 minutes and no song played within the last 3 days). the first song to play was "battle without honor or humility" by tomoyasu hotei (of kill bill fame). using the first word in the song’s title gave me the first word for this post’s title. when i finish making this post (and just before posting it), the last word in the title of the song playing at the time will comprise the second word. ya… that sounds ridiculously complex. i don’t even know how that popped into my head as something to do.

i actively participate in too many forums/websites. yayhooray!, virb, twitter, to mention but an extreme few. many have some heavy design reason for my belonging there. each serve to distract me without fail. i have no idea how to stop. i’ve forgotten more websites than most will ever visit in their lifetime. speaking of which, is no more, it seems. sad day. was a nice tutorial resource. the mouse joined twitter, too. sorry for the distraction.

i always seem to sneak under the wire on monster stories. of course, being that mr. bucher is in california, and me in texas, posting at 1:50am cst has me beating his daily deadline - mwahahahaha - ’cept that one day, damn. so, ya, monsters 68 & 69. enjoy!

ps: the song playing just before posting? "birdhouse in your soul" by they might be giants.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Monday, January 22, 2007

super typo

monster 66 gets a tale.


on feb. 6, 2005, i made a post titled super bowel. the ‘e’ in bowl was intentionally added to describe my thoughts on the year’s commercial offerings (being that the super bowl is supposed to be the king of commercials). i thought i was being clever. as it turns out, at least once a week, i have someone do a search on the super bowel. however, they mean bowl. they misspell bowl. one of the (if not the) largest, yearly sporting events this country puts on and there are people who don’t know how to spell bowl when doing searches related to it. now, i could attribute these errant searches to the fact that the letter ‘e’ is right next to the letter ‘w’, so i will give the fat-fingered of the world the benefit of the doubt. but i don’t think that is the situation for the majority of the searches.

so, if you searched the following terms/strings:
where will the Super Bowel air this year
super bowel pepsi
super bowel winner by year

you might have better luck with taking that ‘e’ out. i will edit that previous post with a front-end disclaimer to make people aware.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

tardy tales

failed to post monster 64’s story yesterday, but posted it today along with monster 65’s.

back to work.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


monster 62’s story went up late last night with monster 63’s just being posted (imagine this post isn’t some 45 minutes into the 20th).

i am seriously considering what it would take to get me to design ranch this year. my wife says i should go. stefan bucher even has a presentation and workshop this year. my first “boss” might even be there — he did create the thing, afterall.

twitterific seems odd. in many ways, it feels more convenient than twitter’s own site, yet i only get the top most poster’s comment in the display (leaving the others requiring a physical click to view, which then renders the updater from not displaying the latest comments) and for the last two days, it has consistently failed to receive/access twitter’s “feed”. if the flash badge that resides on this blog had an entry field (like twitterific’s), i would just use that. for that matter, if twitter’s public page would auto-update on its own, i wouldn’t even need twitterific.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

festival attendance

just found out i am gonna be able to attend sxsw interactive this year. i have lived in austin for quite some time and have never made it. well, this year is my year. finally get to see all them faces to the blogs i read/post to.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

cold literature

austin is frozen. been so for the last two and a half days. might get better tomorrow afternoon. last night, our power went off at around 11:45 pm. normally, this isn’t a bad thing, actually it is quite exciting and can be very fun. however, this time, i happened to be in the middle of playing ffxi with a party (that included my brother-in-law) and was thusly disconnected. moreover, i had yet to post monster 60’s story. luckily, the power came on just long enough for me to make the post using my wife's laptop.

also: posted monster 61’s tale just now.

Monday, January 15, 2007

.fm listing

my deal down on the right doesn't look good. looks too simple, a little stupid even. the customize tool for it sucks. really sucks. i don't want to waste time figuring it out to make a decent track listing image. but i have to change it. it's killing me.


have been messing with the plug-ins on the right sidebar. tool is better. twitter tool is too tall - doesn't look i can change that, already tried. none of the invites i sent for twitter seemed to work. would like to use and modify the party tool they offer, makes more sense than the self-tool.




for the last 41 days, i have been following the daily monster series being posted by stefan g. bucher. i am not sure when the first comments to these monsters were actual stories about them – creatively birthed by mr. bucher's readers – but i decided to contribute my own, starting with monster 31. since then, i have written stories for 26 monsters (27, if you count the kaltookens separately). some are long. some are short. please feel free to post your own stories. in the meantime, monster 59 gets to the root of the problem.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

uh… ya

this blog is looking a tad better than my website. why?

chonsom is having a grand opening, which is different from their soft-opening from last year. nice menu.


it’s apparently national delurking week. no one posts here. feel free to keep lurking.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Switch

i switched to the new blogger.

we’ll see how this shakes out.


a couple of changes right off the start. i write dates as follows: 110|7. this is today’s date. january (1) 10th (10), 2007 (7). so the list of posts are listed first via year (which unfortunately slaps a needless zero in the tens place) and then the drill down shows the months via number.

i changed the color of the "template" to better reflect

a “---” represents an addition and/or edit to a post already made live.

i am still playing.