Wednesday, May 16, 2007

i, heroes

so… the last time i posted, i hadn’t run 3.1 miles for elvis loving taco eaters. since then, i participated in an annual 5k race put on by elvis loving taco eaters. it was my first “organized” run that i’ve ever done (outside of middle school) and it was actually rather fun. hey… fancy that. guess that’s why they called it a “fun run.” anywho, i ran it in 29'33". i wasn’t doing the timed race and i really have no idea how good that is in the grand scheme of things, but my wife seemed pleased. after crossing the finish, i grabbed a couple of powerades and intercepted her to walk the remainder of the course and watch her cross.

this gave me a bit of a bug; and by bug, i mean my wife signed me up for all kinds of runs. next up is the livestrong challenge (which is featured in the banners kicking off this post and the one that will live in the “outside” well). i am not going all gung-ho on the fundraising part because i don’t really know the first thing about fundraising. but if you feel inclined to donate, i have a modest goal of 100 dollars (i think that is the default) to which you can contribute to by clicking on the banners. this is obviously going to a good cause because… well… it’s cancer and cancer sucks and is due for a good ass kickin’.

elsewhere: thanks to all you folks that have signed up to iconbuffet under my referral. i have a really awesome foundation there, but it is always great to get more stamps to spread the icon love. if you sign up, do leave a message in my box to tell me who you are (hopefully they’ll eventually add a feature that notifies me who referrals are as they sign up).

i have also taken part in the wonderful satire that was started by barb carneiro relating to “sniping” deliveries. a small group formed and came to be known as the pirates. it has since grown to some 28 confirmed members. i, however, decided to create a competitive group. the obvious and clear choice was ninjas. the ib shinobi clan boasts 24 confirmed members and has a cumulative point total of 124,410. pardon me whilst i shine this apple upon my shirt.

“i know it’s you” — the crystal method (legion of boom)
“heroes” — dj tiesto (parade of athletes)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

my fortuna

iconbuffet is really kicking it up a notch with their new ibid feature. this little gem allows a member to display a good assortment of badges on their website/blog to advertise sets, profiles and even grab referrals. as you will notice, i have already included two versions of the available badges on this blog. the first is my profile at a glance (vip status, number of points, avatar) and will link you to my profile page on the site. there you can bask in the glow of my many badges and see just what sets i have to offer. the second banner will take you to a sign-up page where i will get credit for the referral. eventually, iconbuffet plans to roll the referral state into both the profile and standard banners.

“my weakness” moby (play)
“o fortuna” orff (carmina burana)


unfortunately, until iconbuffet can fix some of the site-load issues, the scripts for the badges have been removed from this blog. it simply hangs the blog and can’t load it entirely. i will replace the badges with the simple img link i had before.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

iconic promotion

make me an iconbuffet god!

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