Tuesday, October 02, 2007

many moons

it has been a long time since i have made a post here on this blog. unfortunately, the frequency at which posts occur will not increase here. mostly because this blogging thing has become a bit of a “meh” thing for me. well, i’m lying… but not really… you see, that whole “i am jealous” thing has my blogging focus by the short hairs and doesn’t look like it will let up anytime soon. speaking of…

iaj is doing something a little new for this week (i meant to post this yesterday, but some things had me otherwise occupied): themed jealousies. every first week of the month will follow a theme that all those jealousies will share; this week being “science”. so for the next 6 days (this week's started yesterday, obviously) all the posted jealousies will be somehow related to the general topic of science. i am constantly trying to figure out how to draw more traffic to what is, essentially, a clever link-dump. this was the best i could come with so far. please feel free to leave any comments regarding iaj here or on the site itself.

i don't know what else to write about right now. not like there are really more than a couple people that will actually read this.