Tuesday, February 07, 2006

In Review

Last week was a bust with regard to the SPeCks item of the week and also my attempt at picking up the comic again. I got the summary and script done and then was absolutely hammered at work (on top of being hired full-time!). I think the plan is sound, it just needs less stuff going on for me to complete it. I was also preparing for the weekend with the ADDY show and Carnaval.

My logo garnered a bronze ADDY, amongst six other agencies who also got bronze in the category. The "a"s are really quite different from my previous win (2001). They are no longer made of lead and they resemble a condensed Helvetica "a" rather than the wide version. I am not sure the process to make these new "a"s, but they are heavy. The old ones were moderate in weight, they were just bigger. These new ones seem like they have extra gravity applied to their diminutive frames. And solid as granite these bad boys. Oh, and did I mention shiny? I can see my reflection in this thing. It's awesome!

Carnaval was an absolute blast. We had never gone before and were offered tickets by a good friend who also happened to be the crafter of our costumes. The costumes looked spectacular and my wife looked spectacular in costume. I think it might have been hyped up a bit, but it was still quite an experience.

Add to all that, my new addiction. Most know that I play FFXI. Certainly not as religiously as when it first came out, but I still find 2-3 hours a week to sit down and partake in my new sedentary lifestyle of fishing on the game. It's much easier and I can pick up the game at any time and am not on a set time limit. Anyway, I have found my choice in video-games leaning to the non-action packed variety. Enter DarkGalaxy. This is a turn-based, browser game set in the cold reaches of an unknown universe. Turn-based games are those that follow the "something happens once an hour" guidelines. And with a queue enabled in this game, you can set up to -not- play for 12 hours. So, the game is currently at Turn 210 (that's right – 210 hours have passed) and I am doing fairly well.

I am working on a plan to push out two SPeCks products this week as well as going ahead and scripting the next page whilst finishing up production on last week's page for the comic. I am hoping for release of last week's page by the end of this week with Monday seeing this week's page (which would be on schedule). Will this all happen? Stay tuned…