Thursday, September 29, 2005


It has been some time. Why? I have a daughter. All of 16 weeks. So cute.

But wait, there’s more!Anyway… I haven't posted in quite some time (duh) and don't really feel motivated to keep up with this blog even now (again, baby girl). However, some good news on my end — the site is moving to a new server, hosted by MediaTemple (mt). YAY! I will move everything over to the new server this weekend and will likely be without email for about 24-48 hours as the info updates across the world that I “live” somewhere else. This, of course, means this blog will move there as well, likely built and maintained using MovableType. If I can swing it, that is. Regardless of all that, I am not going to guarantee a more active posting schedule.

On the job front: Ya, I am still not working as a full-time designer anywhere. And, frankly, I fear I won't be for some time (again, crap). But I am not too worried about it. I got some freelance gigs here and there that pay absolutely nothing and there's always going back to being a waiter where I wanted to beat myself senseless with stale bread. To quote my lovely wife, "…makes me want to pull my eyeballs out with silly putty." Who knows, maybe the right job for me is around the corner and I just haven't walked down far enough on the block to see it yet.

Elsewhere: I have a CafePress store for SPeCks. It is completely non-lucrative and as it is only a basic shop, only has 2 types of items (a clock and 3 styles of women's shirts). I guess I could take the time to make more, but I would rather look for a job and keep up with the house when I get the chance right now. I am going to make a mug next, then perhaps a cap to wear to your favorite sporting event. Blah!

Also elsewhere: Despite all the above, I am actually having a good time with my “time off” and look forward to a couple more days of being “free”. I have started really teaching myself InDesign in ernest and just got informed that I received a 4 out of 5 on my Photoshop assessment test with AQUENT (a creative talent agency). I got only a 3 out of 5 on my Quark assessment and am severely bummed about that as I had all but the last 1/3 of a page complete (out of a 4 page newsletter) with only a few (at least in my opinion) errors regarding the use of style sheets. Quark’s style sheets suck major ass. InDesign has better ones, but I don’t know them that well as I only picked up InDesign back in July.

Completely elsewhere altogether: I am going to Carnaval next year. Wearing a skin suit and a dance thong. Two women are behind this and my wife is the ring leader posing as a showgirl on my arm at the celebration. What I won’t do for that woman…